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Table of Contents - Year : 2009 | Month : August | Volume : 3 | Issue : 4 | Page : 1621 - 1626

Common Stressors And Coping Of Stress By Medical Students 1621-1626

SHAH C *, TRIVEDI R S **, DIWAN J ***, DIXIT R ****, ANAND A K*****

Dr. Chinmay Shah.
Dept. Of Physiology,Govt. Medical College,
Bhavnagar, Fax :0278 -2523201 Tel : 9328938008

Everyone experiences stress. It is a natural reaction that everyone experiences at one time or the other. It is a part of human nature. Stress is the body’s response to danger or perceived threat. Many things in life can bring us stress. Adrenalin is released through our body, causing our body pressure to rise and the outward muscles to tighten. Elevated levels of stress can put a toll on our system but we can develop ways to cope with stress or to make attempts in our lives to avoid it.
The participants in this study were 126 undergraduate medical students of Shree M P Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. Systemic random sampling was used for the selection of the participants. A majority of the 1st year medical students at Shri M.P Shah Medical College perceived stress. The stress profiles were as follows. 18-25% stressors were environmental. 21-40% stressors were due to office relationships. 18-25% stressors were due to social factors. 35-70% stressors were due to academic factors.
As stress has a detrimental effect both on health as well as academic performance, the college administration should incorporate stress management plans as a co-curricular activity. The stressors at the campus should be identified, discussed with, and proper coping assistance should be provided to individual students. As stress in our colleges cannot be eliminated, we can and should do a better job and provide life satisfaction to our students.