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Important Notice

Please note it that We do not have any relationship or tie up of any sort with OMICS Group of publications.

They have recently started a publication using a very similar name "JBR" Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research.

They are sending call for papers emails in which they are not writing the full name of journal but only "Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research". The only difference is in the spelling of word "Diagnosis".

Please take a note of this and also convey this to your colleagues. So that they are not fooled by this deceit. We shall not be responsible for any payments or articles sent to this journal.

Below is the sample email sent by them.


Dr Hemant Jain
Chief Editor: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

December 8, 2013

"Thu 5/12/2013 21:36
To: IC
Subject: publish your articles to jcdr

Dear Dr. IC
Greetings from Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research

We hereby would like to invite you to submit a paper for the Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research.

Currently the editor accepting Research/Review/Case reports/Commentaries/Short communications for the publication.

For future anticipation to reach out scientific community we want your support towards the success of Journal.

It would be grateful if you submit your manuscript on or before 10th December 2013
You may submit your manuscript

As an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office: or

For complete author instructions visit:

Looking Forward

Warm regards
Zatherine P Christ
Editorial Assistant
Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research

Last Updated : 14 Jun 2015
First Published : 5 Feb 2007